Activities in the surrounding area

During your stay at the Spa, you’ll get the opportunity to discover the flavour, contrasts and unique scenery of the area.

  • Art and history: Cathedral of Tudela, monasteries (Fitero, Tulebras, La Oliva, etc.) churches and other important tourist attractions.
  • Nature: in a very short distance there is a marked changed from the desert landscape of the Bardenas Reales, an area that is unique in Europe, to the fertile valleys of the river Ebro.
  • Fiestas: discover the richness and variety of the fiestas and traditions, most of which are related to local folklore.
  • Cuisine: the local market gardens provide us with produce of the finest quality, with particular mention of the asparagus, sweet red piquillo peppers, artichokes and gem lettuces. Olive oils of renowned international prestige, and excellent wines with the D.O. Navarra designation of origin.

More details of some of the places to visit are provided below:


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