Contrebia Leucade

Contrebia Leucade is the name given to a settlement of Celtiberian origin, whose history dates back to the early Iron Age. This settlement is of considerable historical interest due to the fact that it was inhabited for almost two thousand years, first by the Celtiberians, then the Romans and finally the Visigoths. Its ruins are still preserved today, and are in relatively good condition. It is located in the south-eastern area of La Rioja, in the municipality of Aguilar del Río Alhama.

Its historical importance has been recorded thanks to authors such as Tito Livio, who named the town of Contrebia Leucade in his account of the end of the Sertorian wars between Pompeii and his allies and the supporters of Sertorius during the 1st century B.C.

Strategically located at an intermediate point in the course of the river Alhama, midway between Gracurris and Numancia, this town was of particular importance in the command of one of the most direct communication routes between the Ebro Valley and the Meseta. This was even more the case in times of war and it was unquestionably erected for strategic-defensive reasons.

Contrebia Leucade, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 2013 in the archaeological category, is noted for its defensive system, its urban planning and the water supply system.

The work conducted by its inhabitants to obtain water, was unequalled in Celtiberian times. This involved two access points connecting the inner town with the water table of the Alhama river, to guarantee a supply from the town itself.

Contrebia Leucade is also known for its impressive defensive system, particularly for its walled moat hewn out of the rock, some 700 metres long and 8 metres deep. This defensive work involved the removal of 40,000 cubic metres of stone, which was then used to construct the wall.

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