Rules for taking part in the social media

The presence of BAÑOS DE FITERO S.A. in the social media is for the purpose of expanding its outreach to all those interested, by offering information that may be of interest to those who wish to follow us.
BAÑOS DE FITERO S.A. thanks users for their involvement in, and contribution to the social media in which the company is present, for which they should bear in mind the following rules:

  • BAÑOS DE FITERO S.A. is present in Facebook and Twitter.
  • BAÑOS DE FITERO S.A. respects the diversity of opinions, however it is not liable for the content of the comments made by followers in the social media area.
  • BAÑOS DE FITERO S.A. has the right to delete from the profile, those comments that:
    • use insulting or derogatory language.
    • are discriminatory on grounds of race, age, civil status, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, political or religious ideology, or any other personal or social circumstance.
    • have a sexual content or include links to a sexual content.
    • are for commercial or propaganda purposes.
    • promote some type of illegal activity.
    • are private and personal conversations between individuals, as well as messages that involve personal attacks and their responses.
    • spread rumours or unverified information.

Failure to comply with any of rules shall involve the deletion of the comment or, if considered advisable, the user shall be blocked.
Users must take particular care not to publish photos or videos without the consent of the third parties affected, or to label audiovisual content with the identity of the people involved, thereby disclosing data on third parties without their consent. When publishing a photo or video, you may be including information on other people. Their rights must be respected.

You must respect the intellectual property rights of the contents published.
You are advised to review and read, prior to registering as a user, and also subsequently, the standard terms and conditions of use and the privacy policy that the social media platform makes available to the users of its websites.

BAÑOS DE FITERO S.A. does not compile information or contents directly from users through social media in order to record them in its own files, unless the person in question requests a service. In this case he/she shall be informed how to proceed and shall be informed of the processing of his/her personal data when the service is performed. In these cases, BAÑOS DE FITERO S.A. may record the user’s contact details in a file in order to give him the appropriate instructions or to provide adequate information on the services and/or products requested. At any time, the data subject may exercise his/her right to access, update, withdraw or object to the data held, in writing to BAÑOS DE FITERO S.A. accompanying a photocopy of the DNI (National Identity Document):

Apart from these circumstances, the processing of data shall be in accordance with what the social media permit the corporate profiles to do, involving informing of their followers of activities, events, special deals, draws, and even personal and private communication with the users concerned.  As responsible for the data processing, BAÑOS DE FITERO S.A. guarantees compliance with the principles of data protection and the exercise of the rights that the interested party may exercise at any time, as indicated above. It is possible that, due to the very nature of the social media, it may only be possible to make the effective exercise of the rights through the specific social media, following the instructions given by that network to users and which requires the follower to change his/her profile.

BAÑOS DE FITERO S.A. is not responsible for the consequences derived from the failure to comply with these rules.