Massage therapy

Pinda massage

Pinda is a small pouch containing aromatic herbs, medicinal plants, sesame oils and sea salt.

It revitalises the skin, nourishes the body and relaxes the nervous system.

As well as muscle relaxation, this massage achieves a natural body exfoliation.

Geothermal massage with hot and cold stone therapy

The massage is performed with hot stones following energy channels.

The stones help relieve swelling in specific areas and increase the micro-circulation.

Hot and cold stones are combined on the legs and face, and hot stones on the back.

De-stress massage

A relaxing massage with mud on the back, accompanied by aromatic herbs to provide: rest, a sense of well-being and relaxation. Includes a facial massage with mask.

Relaxing massage

Aromatic, anti-cellulite, relaxing, circulatory or hydrating.

Massage with oils, creams or concentrates, depending on the chosen treatment.

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Special programs