General bath

The temperature and the composition of the water will help you to relax and enjoy a treatment that will improve your health.

This individual treatment consists in immersing yourself in a floor-level bathtub at a temperature between 38 to 40ºC for a duration of 15 minutes. Two constant water jets, one cold and the other hot, will be applied to the top of your back and shoulders, avoiding the first segments of the spinal column as far as possible.

The general bath will allow you to benefit from its temperature, and also the chemical action of the composition of the water. To make the most of the bath, you need to move the affected joints around in the water, following your doctor’s instructions.

It is also possible to use an under-water jet, which should not be taken above the water level, allowing you to apply a hydro-massage to those areas with muscle contracture or an impairment of joint mobility.

After your bath, it is important to rest and let your body sweat for around 15 to 20 minutes. You can then wrap up and rest on your bed for longer, or else get up slowly and go about your usual activities.


  • Stimulation of the organic and metabolic functions
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Soothing feeling and peripheral vasodilation
  • Easier joint mobility
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