Two springs emerge from the depths of the earth, bringing to life one of the most important thermal spa resorts in Europe.

The excellent therapeutic qualities of its waters, which surface at a temperature of more than 50 ºC, are particularly recommended for rheumatic and respiratory disorders and rehabilitations.

Located 4 kms from the village of Fitero, the properties of its waters and the beautiful scenery of the area make the Fitero Spa the ideal place to enjoy nature in a healthy way.

The Fitero Spa was the first in Spain to be awarded the “Q” certificate for quality tourism (I.C.T.E.), and it has also been granted the Kingdom of Navarra Tourism Award. Accolades acknowledging the quality of service offered.

In 2009, we celebrated our centenary, a sure sign of the trust and confidence shown by our clients. This new achievement fills us with pride and drives us to pursue our goal of ongoing continuous improvement.

Special programs

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Special programs

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3 days 2 nights

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7 months

in full board

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1 month

foot bath treatment