Medical area

Once you have had a medical examination and your medical record has been completed, the medical team will then prescribe your thermal treatment and will monitory your health during your stay with us.

The Medical Service at the Spa is also available for any other type of consultation, not necessarily related to the application of the different thermal techniques. An infirmary service is also open daily.

Interview with the medical director

What are the properties of the thermal waters at the Fitero Spa and what treatments are they used for?

The thermal waters at the Fitero Spa are characterised by the temperature at which they rise to the surface (52 ºC), for their mineral content (4982 mgr/l of dissolved salts), for their composition (chloride, sulfate, sodium, calcium) and for their hardness.

They have many different therapeutic properties. The mineral richness of its waters stimulates the metabolic and body functions: improved cellular nutrition, healing and repair; increased blood and lymph circulation; and improved bowel movements. The temperature of the waters produces vasodilator, analgesic, soothing and relaxing effects.

Treatments are particularly recommended for rheumatic diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, functional rehabilitation, respiratory tract diseases, peripheral arterial diseases and psycho-functional disorders

Which treatments are particularly unique to the Fitero Spa?

The key balneotherapy treatments are basically the general bath and hydro tubs, the  Scotch hose and the indoor pool with bubble bed, underwater jets and water cascades.

The Fitero thermal sauna is a really unique experience: this sauna is inside a spectacular natural cave, which reaches a temperature of 45 ºC with a high level of humidity, having stimulating effects on the respiratory, circulatory and metabolic systems.

Complementary techniques, including massage, physiotherapy and Parafango mud treatment are also extremely popular.

Who can benefit from a spa experience and the thermal treatments?

The spa is recommendable for all types of people. Fortunately, the misconception that spas are for the sick and the elderly has gradually disappeared, and our guests now include an increasing number of people of all ages and types.

For example, the preventive benefit of hydrotherapy is more effective in young and middle-aged people.

A holiday at a spa can actually be a healthier option than going to the seaside. While the parents maintain or improve their health, their children can enjoy splashing around in the outdoor pools and playing in the gardens.

Why is it important to first have a medical examination?

Although it is not mandatory to see the doctor, it does make it possible to decide which treatments are most beneficial for each individual patient and those that are not recommended. This is very important, in order to prevent complications or secondary effects. What’s more, it makes it easier to monitor the thermal treatment.

What is the role of the medical service?

The medical service offers a medical examination to patients coming to the spa. At the medical consultation, the doctor takes the patient’s medical history and prescribes the hydrological or medical treatment to be made. The doctor subsequently monitors the thermal treatment, answering any queries or resolving any incidents that may arise.

The medical service also supervises and coordinates the medical admission, infirmary, physiotherapy and complimentary treatment departments in order to ensure the correct application of treatments.

Basic tips

Patients coming to the spa are advised to provide medical reports, should they have an important health problem, in addition to the medical tests performed.

They should not forget to bring their normal medication with them, which should be sufficient for the duration of their stay at the spa.

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