Your skin wakes up while you relax.

55 minutes

We have a wide variety of massages, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. You’ll notice the benefits inside and out.

Pinda massage

A pinda is a small bag with aromatic herbs, medicinal plants, sesame oil and sea salt.

It revitalises the skin, nourishes the organism and relaxes the nervous system.

In addition to muscular relaxation, you get a natural body exfoliation with this massage.

Geo-thermal massage with hot and cold stones

The massage is done with hot stones following energy channels.

They’re beneficial for decongesting specific areas and increasing micro-circulation.

Cold and hot stones on the legs and face are combined with hot stones on the back.

Anti-stress massage

It’s a relaxing massage with mud on your back accompanied by aromatic oils that provide rest, wellness and relaxation. It includes a face massage with a mask.

Relaxation massage

Aromatic, anti-cellulite, relaxing, circulatory and hydrating

Massage techniques accompanied by oils, creams or concentrates depending on the treatment you choose.

Shower Vichy Massage

Promotes circulation, relaxation, and skin hydration. A wrap of almond oil and shea butter provides nourishment, softness, and hydration, while the Vichy shower massage with hot water at low pressure relaxes and activates blood circulation.