Beauty treatments: Legs


A cosmetic appliance that performs a rheumatic massage using a compressor to inflate and deflate the air in the legs, section by section.

It is directed at improving return circulation, reducing swelling and enhancing the lymphatic system. It helps to maintain and improve the return circulation, alleviating the pain produced by tiredness.

Cold stockings

Tónico de medias frías que, aplicado sobre los tejidos, con efecto frío, produce reafirmación de los tejidos y favorece la penetración de principios activos.

Green mud

Cold mud, to relieve swelling and with stimulating properties. It has a draining action, ideal for heavy legs and varicose veins. Freshness and rest for your legs, improving circulation.

Circulatory massage with bamboo stalks

Draining effect with cold gel and massage with bamboo stalks.

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